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So yeah, I don't think I really have to explain much. You can make one or two characters, no more then two, and they can be from the same or different district.

Age: (12-1Cool


Name: Nina-Ann Cochran
Age:  12
District: 4
Bio: She was supposed to be a career, but she never got around to training. She was either writing or hiking around or fishing.
Other: N/A
Personality: Rude, sarcastic, boyish, swears a lot
Looks:  (I'm amazing, I used a picture of myself. Boom.)

Name: Gabby Wellis
Age: 12
District: 11
Bio: Her family was very poor, and she could do nothing to support them, only herself. They are all gone, and she regrets only thinking of herself.
Other: N/A
Personality: Talkative, swears a lot, artsy, kind
Looks: Gabby

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ok ill bite

Name: dan hardcastle
Age: 13
District:12 (obviously)
Personality:smart sneaky quiet cocky happy
Looks: short brown hair sleek black jeans leather jacket over a blue shot sleeved shirt green eyes

kill me

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