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(Can we start soon?)

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"rue99100" wrote:

(Can we start soon?)

Monkey bars, Annabeth said. I’m great at these. She leaped onto to the first rung and start swinging her way across. She was scared of tiny spiders, but not of plummeting to her death from a set of monkey bars. Go figure.

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(May I join?)

Name: Jasper Ascelin
Age: 182 (He ceased ageing at 22).
Short Bio: His father abandoned him only a year after his birth, leaving his mother to raise and care for him. His mother tragically died of a brain tumour when he was 17 - the event scarred him badly. His true species was explained by his long-term girlfriend at the age of 18, whom he met while wandering the woods and has been with since. It was from this point that his powers were activated; beforehand his abilities were extremely subtle and involuntary.

Race: Dhampir. These creatures are the half-blood kin of a mortal and vampire; they are therefore very rare since the two species are as likely to breed as a lion and lamb. Although both genders are possible to exist, the male Dhampir is far more common. These creatures often age to become advanced and experienced Vampire Hunters and have much more success in doing so than human hunters, for like the immortal parent of these creatures, they possess the abilities of enhanced speed, strength, reflexes, agility and senses. They do bleed - however, this is also part of their diet. Unlike the vampire species, the Dhampir can survive on the consumption of either blood or human food.
Weapon: He carries no weapon amongst his possessions and relies upon unarmed combat.
Powers: X-Ray Vision - This is the power to see through solid matter; this ability can be activated and deactivated at will. It's power can also be reduced or enhanced, to the point where the user could see into another being's brain if they desired. Elemental Intangibility - This is the ability to mimic elements as to simulate intangibility (Eg.; The user could become a form of fire, causing the attacks to either pass through them or be absorbed by them). If the user was aiming to protect another, they could also become a form of metal or rock and act as a shield. Empathic Teleportation - This is the power to either teleport someone you have strong feelings for (love, desire, hate) to you or to teleport to them. This power allows the user to teleport this person/s to safety - for example, a loved one.
Other: His "Partner For Eternity", as he calls it, is known as Anastasia.


Name: Anastasia A'mere
Age: 184 (She ceased ageing at 21).
Short Bio: Anastasia never "fit in" with the crowds and was always an outsider. Since the age of 11, she was obsessed with witchcraft, vampires and the supernatural - she was an "insane freak" according to her parents. At the age of 17, she fled from her home due to the negative environment and hid in the dark of the woods with only few possessions. Upon the night of her 18th birthday, under the full moon, she lit the candles she'd brought and read from the old pages of her personal Book of Shadows; it was at this point she truly became a witch.

Race: Witch. These beings are not cauldron-stirring, broom-riding old hags as they have offensively been described to be in many forms of entertainment. The majority of these people are in fact beautiful women. Witches display their power in a number of different spells, chants and potions - not involving ingredients such as frog legs, of course. Witches do not cast their magic through wands or staffs, but rather their hands or eyes. They often use what is called a "Book of Shadows". This is a personalised book containing their potion recipes, spells, chants, dreams, premonitions, sketches, wishes, beliefs and usually a journal.
Weapon: She carries a simple dagger featuring black, leather-look straps around the hilt.

Powers:  Psychometry - This is the power to read anyone and/or anything's past/future simply by touching it.
Most of the time this is an involuntary action (Eg.; You may pick up a locket and find immediate flashes of it's past/future flooding through your mind). 
Crystal Imprisonment - This is the ability to imprison other objects/beings/substances in crystals. Usually the user carries crystals in their possession and traps objects/beings/substances within them; although the user can create crystals of any size also. Induced Healing - This is the power to restore living organisms to their full health in a number of different ways, including transferring a wound off one being to another. The ability to revive the dead is rare, especially in advanced healers, but is possible if performed with extreme concentration, chanting and magical sacrifice.
Other: Her partner, protecter and love is known as Jasper.




Name: Demetri Vinale

Age: 181 (He ceased ageing at 20).

Short Bio: Demetri experienced his first transformation at 13 in his school yard when he was cornered by a group of kids from his class. He was sitting on one of the swings, conversing with his crush, who was sitting on the swing beside him. The oldest of the group of students shoved him off the swing, where he then crashed into the pole and suffered spinal injuries. He then involuntary morphed to the form of a German Shepherd, when he then tore a chunk of flesh from one of the boy's arms during his crazed loss of control and agony. Fortunately, his spinal injuries were not permanent. However, at 14, his parents died in a violent car crash.


Common Wolf Form:

Race: Skinwalker. These creatures are completely human in appearance, although they possess the power to transform into any animal they desire - their most common form of choice is a wolf the size of a fully-grown, male lion. Skinwalkers are known for their superior sense of smell, which is equally powerful in their human form. Of course, they have the power of the animal they are within (Eg.; If they were in the body of a cat, they would have the senses, claws and sounds of a cat). Some stories of these creatures suggest they can only morph into the form of canines, but this is untrue. The process is not painful unlike the transformation of a werewolf.

Weapon: He carries no weapon, although he is advanced in creating explosives.

Powers: Teleportation - This is the ability to teleport from one place to another, merely by thinking of the destination. The user can teleport other beings and objects also, but beginners must keep an extremely firm grip. Elemental Generation - This is the power to generate various elements, even including shadow, magnetism, sound-waves and electricity. The user can even generate these elements through their breath; for example, they could poison another merely with their breath. Animal Soul - This is the power that means the user has the soul or spirit of an animal. For example, if that soul was of a wolf, the user would have the abilities and traits of a wolf, such as Night Vision, Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Senses.

Other: He is the best friend of Jasper and therefore Anastasia also.

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(May I join?)

Name: Eliza Winchester

Age: 619 (appears to be 25)

Short Bio: Eliza was only 25 years old when she had changed her life forever; she walked under an arch of dried branches on a night with the full moon, and she was captured by the spirit of a human. Lost, she had no hope of surviving the bitter winter that headed her way within a few months. After a couple, the Winchesters, found her, they decided to take her in. They died long before she ever will.

Eliza has topaz eyes, but she has one eye with brown scattering due to heterochromia.

Race: Vilkacis. Vilkacis (to be translated literally as 'wolf's eyes') is usually a malicious creature; a scary being people can turn into. There are particular ways how the people with this curse turn into the wolves and then get their human appearance back. There are particular places, where this is said to have happened. Although mostly malevolent, on occasion it would bring treasures. It belongs to the same lower level of mythological beings as vampires, skinwalkers, and witches. It is not clear whether Vilkacis it is human flesh or just the soul that transforms, as their are accounts of moving an apparently asleep person whose soul is out 'running as a werewolf', after what the person turns out to be dead, as the soul couldn't enter the flesh to return.

Weapon: Twin swords made of stainless nickle with ivory handles.

 - The user can firm, expand, or deactivate a psychic shield, which will protect against any or all mental intrusion. This includes defense against psychic or empathic powers, hypnosis, as well as illusions and deception. Mind readers only “hear” static, while mind controllers are incapable of manipulating those shielded.

Acoustokinesis - The user can create and modify sound waves to mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound. The user can affect music as well as produce it; can also make sonic blasts.

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(Are we ever going to start this?)

Monkey bars, Annabeth said. I’m great at these. She leaped onto to the first rung and start swinging her way across. She was scared of tiny spiders, but not of plummeting to her death from a set of monkey bars. Go figure.

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