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mozly jennifer_1821111 Lock e1691472cafece64304be81c5c9c507a93800d3a6cd5948297266277351b71ef
mozly jennifer_1821111
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Posted about 4 years ago
This role play is orginally based on the t.v. show My Little Pony. Clearly, if you watch the show, you are a fanatic like me! So. There is only 1 AliCorn. Me. I am the only Alicorn out of everyone. Well I am the main Character. If you watch MLP, then you will know, the main character in the end turns into a mix of a unicorn and pegasus.. This is the continuation... that i don't think they will do. Fill out this little... profile and then when I have a few people I will start! ^-^


* ( means ) Either Earth Pony, Unicorn, Or Pegasus.
** ( means ) Either Filly, Teen Pony, Or Adult Pony
*** ( Means ) What you are good at and what you are ment to do your whole life!

Mine! :

Name: RainbowShy
Kind: Alicorn
Age: Teen/Adult
Cutiemark/ Talent: Magic
Likes: Passing tests, Doing her job as princess, Being a leader, friends.
Dislikes: Changlings, Mean People.
Looks: Rainbow mane, Pinks Wings, White Horn, Yellow body, always wears a cowboy hat to hide that she is a mix and  hides her horn.
Personality: sometimes Sassy, Tomboy, Fun, leadership... ish, shy, full-of-herself, Magical.


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