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Kagamine(=^.^=)Rin_2234100 Lock
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August 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
The dream bubble approached quickly, increasing in size, until we were enveloped in the memory which it held.
The long-since white walls were now soaked in color, to my well-trained eyes I could tell that it was the blood of our brethren, from every tone of the Hemospectrum. At the same time, it merged into different sceneries, one for each of us, all of them looked exactly like our own homes. Each one of us saw what we would have become, as the figures emerging from the memory solidified, we could identify the evil and the good. The Sufferer, The Dolorosa, The Disciple, The Psiionic, The Handmaid, The E%ecutioner, The Summoner, The Orphaner, Redglare, Marquise Spinneret,  The Grand Highblood, And hovering above us all with an evil smile, was Her Imperial Condescension.
The Grand Highblood opened his blood-covered mouth in a twisted, tortured smile.
"By refusing Her Imperial Condescensions' generous terms of surrender, you choose the void as your fate. No more shall we negotiate. None may stand before us as we set forth to cleanse Alternia of every miscreant, traitor and low-blood.And though it pains Her Imperial Condescension for she knows that the rebellious acts are instigated by bitter, misguided and terrible LEADERS- shall use your blood as her paint, the dust of your bones as her miracles, and your pain shall be her only drink. So flee now, we shall find you, for each and everyone of you shall rightfully suffer the doom of your herald."
And as quickly as it came, our predicament left us, only to stand a mere thirty feet from our bodies in the form of a light blue sphere. 
Even though we had started our game session sweeps ago, we knew that the real adventure had just begun.
You are in a game called SBurb, that you recieved as a trial version, so that the company could see the user feed-back. Only they didn't know that it would acctually transport you into the game session. When you enter, you connect with a few other players. The goal of the game is to level up as much as you possibly can, after dividing into two teams. At the end the winning team gets to win the prize, which is to exit the game. The winning team is established after all the members of one team are terminated, basically, killed.

Posted By:
Kagamine(=^.^=)Rin_2234100 Lock
Member since:
August 2012

Posts: 1514
Posted over 3 years ago


-Alternia: The homeland of the players.
-Trolls: One of the alien species, also in the game session. They posses grey skin, yellow horns with shape that differs with every one of them, and yellow eyes with black pupils. Other than that they are virtually the same as humans.
-Titles: Once you enter SBurb, you gain a title, once you reach the final level, you have a Quest Bed, which allows you to continue leveling up, finally incarnating the Title you earned. Usually a player on the edge of dying goes to his or her quest bed to continue the game. If you are able to reach it in time you are reincarnated as your title.
-Land: Once you enter you are granted a land, a planet just for your existence.
-Sylladex: Your inventory bassically, so you don't have to lug everything by hand, you need to just store it in your Sylladex.
-Pesterchum: The long-distance method of communication, like other on-line chat methods.
-Trollian: The Troll equivalent of Pesterchum

Message from Rin:
Yosh all of you who probably are looking at this and won't join: I did this as a sort of Homestuck Roleplay, so I hope that the joining people will have at least a tiny bit of general Homestuck Knowledge. Besides that, be my guest and roleplay ahead.

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