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This is going to be a bit of a weird, violent roleplay. I ask that you only join if you are a serious role player. I'll only accept your request to join if you are a serious role player.
Typically, human's have red blood. They say it's weird to have blood of any other color. Well, in this world, the normal color is white. It's odd to have blood that is any other color. White blood means you are normal, but if it's an off white, it means you aren't pure. Very few people have pure white blood, and very few have blood that is black. Black is the opposite. It means you are one of the fallen. The fallen are a group of pure people who were corrupted over time by the sins of the world. The pure ones are angels. Some are just angels, others are guardians. The guardians are considered the most pure of the world. They are there to protect special beings and keep the world balanced. Their job is also to keep the fallen and the strange from corrupting the rest of the town.
The town has a chart posted in the square, telling what each color of blood means.
White - Pure, considered an Angel.
Off White - Normal, human.
Black - Corrupted, one of the Fallen.
Red - Fiery, one of the Strange.
Orange - Deceitful, one of the Strange.
Yellow - Cunning, one of the Strange.
Green - Charming, one of the Strange.
Blue - Beautiful, one of the Strange.
Purple - Shy, one of the Strange.
As previously mentioned, the last six colors are very rare. Then there are some that are even more rare than those. They all act as though they are Human. These are called Mimics. These are the colors and their meanings.
Pink - Mixture of red and white - A bit fiery, loves whoever they are near and falls in love easily, one of the Mimics.
Teal - Mixture of blue and green - Charm people easily, typically considered the most beautiful or handsome of anyone in existence, one of the Mimics.
Light Green - Mixture of green and yellow - Considered very crafty and, like teal, usually the most beautiful of anyone else. One of the Mimics.

Along with these colors, there is one that is the least common of all. It's such a special color in these lands, but can be mistaken for others. People with blood this color are called Shooters.

Gray - Mixture of black and white - Strongly resemble Humans, and are sometimes considered Mimics, depending on who you speak to. Mimics are thought to be horrid creatures, and Humans are normal, and citizens don't like to think that there is an inbetween for purity and corruption, but that's what gray is. They are called Shooters because they are rare like shooting stars. Some say that every time a shooting star falls, another Shooter is born.

It may not be common to find people that have different colors in their blood, but it is common to know when you find one. The government asks that if a Strange, Mimic, or Shooter is found, that they be reported immediately for testing. They are trying to find out why these people are the way they are, and how they can keep more of them from appearing.


But basically, the plot of this role play is the lives of the Humans, Fallen, Angels, Strange, Mimics, and Shooters living together in the same world, some having to hide who they are and others choosing to turn them in, destroy them, or be their friend. It's complicated with all these people in this world being so diverse, but they've managed for all these years, and are trying to manage for many more.


I'm wanting this to be a bit of a larger role play, but if within a few days the slots aren't filled, then people may be asked if they can take on multiple roles. You can play up to three parts. There is one role per color, and don't get mad if you don't get the position you want. There's no exceptions. Also, the roles do have names set already, but if you comment or message me asking to change it, I will if the name you choose fits the role. I want the names to mean something.
Here are the current roles.

Red Strange - Real name is Ruby - Has the ability to control fire or create fire with the flick of the wrist with either anger or high concentration. Has fiery red eyes.

Orange Strange - Real name is Oran, goes by Ranger - Can heat objects intensely and mold them to different shapes if he chooses to do so. Has orange eyes.

Yellow Strange - Real name is Yuma, goes by Low - Can create sudden bursts of wind, cold or warm, depending on climate and his level of focus. Has yellow eyes.

Green Strange - Real name is Grear, goes by Ree - Has the ability to create plants or give plants bursts of life if she chooses. Has beautiful green eyes.

Blue Strange - Real name is Blu - Can create a current or lead a current, bubbles, puddles, or any other forms of liquid made of water. Has blue eyes.

Purple Strange - Real name is Psyche - Has the ability to summon or grow flowers at will, or tamper with peoples minds. Has purple eyes. My character.

Pink Mimic - Real name is Pita - Can make anyone fall in love with him if he so desires. Gets heartbroken easily. Has pink eyes.

Teal Mimic - Real name is Tenshi - Likes to act sweet and powerful to lure others in and get them to help her. Has soft teal eyes. My character.

Light Green Mimic - Real name is Light, goes by Ren - Is sneaky and assists teal Mimics, usually without knowing it. Has light green eyes.

Dark Gray Shooter - Real name is Yami - Considered the darker of the Shooters. Tends to seem solemn or depressed. Has dark gray eyes. My character.

Light Gray Shooter - Real name is Hikari, goes by Kari - Considered the lighter of the Shooters. Tends to be a bit more optimistic than the dark gray Shooters. Has pale gray eyes.

Fallen - Name can be chosen - Has dark, dark gray wings and only comes out at night, usually. Wings can't be folded back in or gotten rid of. They are always there. Has black eyes and hair. Taken.

Human - Name can be chosen - Has either blonde, brown, black, or red hair and has eyes that can be hazel, blue, green, or brown. Doesn't have any abilities or powers beyond human limitations.

Angel - Name can be chosen - Has bright white wings and usually only comes out in the day time. Also has wings that can't be gotten rid of when they aren't needed. Usually has bright blue eyes and white hair.


I know there is a lot of roles. Most of them have their genders in place in the description, and you just have to read. I want the Angel and Fallen to be boys, and the human to be a girl. Their names can be chosen because it's not fun to pick their names when you don't know the features.

Anyways, that's all.
Instead of just asking to join, fill out this form.

Name: Put the name it has already, unless human, angel, or fallen
Abilities: They have their abilities in the descriptions. If you choose a Shooter, talk to me.
Role: The one you chose.
Enemies: Just pick a color or entire species.
Friends: Same here.

Soon I will post my own roles. I have two that I wish to be, I'm just unsure. Thanks!

Hello me, meet the real me.

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Name:  Sergio Nickleson
Gender: Male
Wearing. He's wearing a black tuxedo like shirt and  some jeans that are tore at the bottom. He has black triangle like marking under his eyes.He wears ############ less gloves and a pair of black boots.
Abilities: his shadow is an actual living thing that he is usually seen talking to and he can send it to do things if he needs it. He can also travel through shadows good for spying or quick escapes.
Role: Fallen
Enemies: Angels,humans, and Pink Mimic. 
Friends: Teal Mimic, Green strange, and Red strange. 

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(may i join)

Name: Simon Calendar
Gender: Male

Abilities: imortal,can only be seriously injured,when angry he turns into a vampire when he gets angrier he turns into a vampire with wings and he can teleport.
Role: Half Fallen half Angel
friends: Angels,Humans and Red strange.
Enemies: Teal Mimic, Pink Mimic and Red strange

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(No, sorry.)

Hello me, meet the real me.

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(Please i'm a really good Role Player!!!)

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