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Story Line : Your d3ad, it's just that simple. Now your in a place we call the deminsion, it's a place between life and obliveration, that's really all we know. We know there is a God, we just aren't sure were he is.... That doesn't mean we're not searching though.... My name is Tochio, leader of the battlefrount. I know your shocked, it's alot to take in, oh one more thing, see that girl? Thats Angel, don't mess with her, she'll obliterate you, then youll be gone away from here forever. Oh and you should know, we dont die, well we're already dead, but you can't leave, unless you get obliterated. That's just how it is. Those students? Their like... Drones, they walk around, yes they respond to you but they also act as if this is a real school. Yep, they act... Alive....
NO WAIT! I know your confused but-! Come back, you'd be such a good recrute, Stay away from Angel!

Obliteration :
There are only a number of ways to get obliterated (That we know of)
1.) Become in tune with school, make friends, make good grade, do sports (Ect.)
2.) You died, for some reason, and you were unhappy, that's why your here. If you become happy, or fufill your life purpose you will be obliterated.

Angel : Angel is a warrior of God (We think) She's strong with many powers and all of the Battlefrount are against her. To the "Students" and "Teachers" Shes "Student Body President" She has all the power of the school with a perfect GPA and attendance, she sits alone with no friends as this is how it is. None of the battlefrount know what her real name is, to them shes Angel, to them shes enemy.

Charicters : (Taken characters are in red)
***Tichio- (The leader of the battle frount, because of her past shes not sure if she likes the idea of God, because of it she REALLY hates Angel she seems to love Kasoki) ME
***Tinaco- (A song bird, very great at what she does, in a rock group that distracts students during "project tornado") available
***Kasoki- (The newest in the battlefrount, he wakes up with a strong case of amnesia, not sure whats going on, he seems to like Angel at first and quickly developes) available
***Angel- (A small yet powerfull girl with God on her side) ME
***Domio- (A ### tempered male with a taste for blood, a bit crazy and very protective over Tichio who he is in love with, he hates Kasoki for accidentally insulting Tichio when he first got here "ki11" crazy)

*****to make your own charicter ask, they must have a japeneese name and if you choose a charicter from above you must still make a forrum******

Age: (5-15)
battlefrount or drone:
how where you ki11ed/do you remember the de@th?:
(if battlefrount) how do you contribute?:
What did you not fufill to be here:

Posted about 5 years ago

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