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The doctors called it a sickness, that it'll pass with time. They called it "The Infection" it was very contageous. A bite or a scratch could turn you. The smart ones had been planning, but most of them are dead now. Everyone said it was a myth, that it only happened in books and movies. But you know, you knew from the start. It's not just a sickness. People were changing. Getting more than sick. They were dying and coming back to life. This, is just the begining of the zombie apocalypse.

-No perfect characters.
-Posts must be four to five sentences.
-Temporary characters are accepted and don't need whole forms. (Name, Age, and picture optional)
-Must have a perminant character and however many temporarys you want.

Weapon of choice:
How you found out about the apocalypse:

Temp. Character Forms:
Looks: (optional)

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March 2013

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Posted over 3 years ago
Name: Freddie Fauker.

Age: 16

Looks: He's a tall (5'7"), slender boy with creamy hazel eyes, very pale, golden honey blond hair. Typically wears his black glasses and fancy dressy-type. Such as; black vests over a white long sleeved shirt, and black slacks, black shoes, you get the picture. He's very wealthy, and when he speaks h has an obvious German accent. (I will provide a some time later..) (and he's from Germany.)

Weapon of choice: A hand gun and a Swiss army pocket knife.

How you found out the apocalypse: Is scrolling through the forms a correct answer? :B

little extra a wish to add about Freddie- he has a ten brother named Joshua. They're best friends, brothers, and the only family they have left is eachother. So, they're very close.

[ WARNING. Seeing this is of an apocalypse, I have a tendency of making some parts sad. ]

Name: Joshua Fauker
Age: 16
Looks: he's Freddie's identical twin, but with blue eyes.

Name: Anna Perker
Age: 10
Looks: Smaller than she should b, green eyes, freckles, long wavy brow hair.

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