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The Genius Files High

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December, 2012
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if you have read the two books about coke and pep, you're probably wondering why this is in the fantasy section. it is because of al the spy agencies. those are all make believe. (war spies, thats another storie.)  anywho, u r picked to be in the genius file's top agency school. the genius files, is ehere you are super smart teens who stop crime and stuff like with little gadgets. (i will explain the gadgets later,)

name: Ryan McDonald
age: 17
looks: he looks like coke (the boy from the books) only four years older, coke is his father
personaliry: kind.

if our love is Insanity, why are you my Clarity?

I am a death weapon!!

The Genius Files High

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September, 2011
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May I please Join as Ryan's twin?

Hey People call me Erin and Ivy you rock.I love my buds and How to train your dragon rocks.

My two Epic Quote are:

"Your a foul loathful evil little cockroach" Hermione Granger talking to Malfoy

"Seaweed brain."Annabeth nick naming Percy.
Sim traits:
Family Orientated

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