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Souls from the End of Earth ( ATJ )

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Max watched after Adair again, returning his gaze to Isabelle before she started shouting at him, as he expected she might. "Okay", he agreed absently under his breath, following her down the hall without question. He knew Michael didn't need any help with getting his own dorm, and that she merely wanted to get away from people.

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants", said my beloved Johnny Depp.
But also pigs and horses, and basically everything that isn't human.
Humans betray, lie and cheat; they kill for sport and break hearts.
I am a proud alien.

Souls from the End of Earth ( ATJ )

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Adair felt the gaze of someone, which made her curiously look back, but saw no one. Shrugging, she continued on walking to her athlete class, which was one of her least favorites, but it kept up up and able to fight.

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