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Celebs cartoon
Posted about 5 years ago

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(Yes... Yes she is! HAI BFF! :3)

Posted about 5 years ago

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Name (First & Last): Naomii and Zariah
Age (12-15): Both 14
Looks: approving
Gender: F 
Bio: The twins have moved around from foster home to foster home, they haven't had anyone ######## other since their parents died.
Personality: Zariah can be closed off, and rude. she's very smart, but only speak if she really thinks its nessicary . Naomii is more loud and outspoken, she's very stubborn and srtong willed. Both girls have a softr side that most rarely see
Powers (No more than three per character): 
- Ability to create and minipulate fire and/or heat
-  Can turn into nothing but a speck of flittering light

- Ability to cause a shadow to form and engulgh {sp?} whatever lies in her path
- Can disappear into the shadows
Spot: Female 1 <-- Naomii.  Female 3 <-- Zariah

Other: Twin girls
Code: Exist

I do not like bad grammar, and there is a high chance of me correcting you.

Yes Stormie-chan is back once again.
Kon'nichiwa, futatabi min'na!
(Hello Agin Everyone!)

Posted about 5 years ago

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(Female #1 is taken...)

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