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This is about a bunch of girls and guys that go on a camping trip that they expected to be so much fun. But when they get to their cabin. Something. Just isn't. Right. Please ask to join and then pick a number for the part you want. Or if you can't pick, I will pick for you.

1. Taken by Me
Name: Sammi
Age: 16
Personality: Fun, kind, humorous, creative
Looks: Orange long hair, neon purple eyes, pale skin
clothes: sleeveless white shirt, white and red plaid skirt, black belt with skull, red knee high socks, red and white converses that are knee high.

2. Open
Name: Justine
Age: 16
Personality: Creative, friendly, funny
Looks: Long blonde hair, aqua blue eyes, pale skin
Clothes: Black shirt, white leggings black and white ankle converse's

3. Open
Name: Ingrid
Age: 16
Personality: down in the dumps, always sad
Looks: Brown hair, moves all hair to one side of her head,  green eyes
Clothes: Pink shirt, black pants, black boots

4. Open Make it up.
Name: Avalon
Age : 16

For #4 you have to be the first one to get it or I will ask you to take one that is made already or if they are all taken, make your own, just the age has to be 16!

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(May I have 4?)

I'm a ROLE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm one who is always there and is sad when her forums are done. I'm some one who loves to be here.

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(Can I make my own? If so here is the form smile )

Name: Ivy Kass and Connor Gabrielson
Age : 16
Personality: Ivy is very curious,smart,sweet,kind,and very funny. Connor is all that but also very romantic.
Looks: Ivy is my profile picture and Conner's pic will upload soon.
Clothes: Ivy usually wears Gothic stuff, black,grey,red,chains e.c.t. Connor wears Black shirt,black pants, and black boots.

I love to role play I've been on here for 3-4 years so I'm very experienced/advanced role player,and plz join some of mine smile

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