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House (Based on a book)

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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Person slit: (Which person are you going to change)
end of form. Person slit:
Jack is:
Stephanie is: Dylan Moon
Leslie is:
Randy is:
Killer, Tin man, or Mr.white  is:
Pete is: 
Stewart is:
Betty is:
Susan is:
here is the details but we can change the people and add on We can change it other then, what is in the house.

Jack and Stephanie Singleton, a married couple struggling through the death of their daughter and on the verge of a divorce, are driving to a counseling session when they find themselves lost on a deserted road in Alabama. Taking the advice of a highway patrolman, they head down a long dirt road, where they run over spikes, flattening all of their tires and stranding them. Fortunately, they are near an old Victorian house in the backwoods of Alabama, occupied by a family of three and being used as an inn. They check in and have a strangely mysterious dinner with them, as well as another dating couple, Randy and Leslie. Things begin to go bitter, however. One of the family, Pete, begins staring down Leslie, stating that he wants her as his "wife." Betty, another one of the family members, keeps hounding Stephanie to get her more ice.

Then, to make matters worse, the lights turn off, and a serial killer named Barsidious White locks them inside of the House. He throws a soup can down through the chimney with a message scrawled on it. The message states that he has killed God and will murder all seven of them unless they kill one of their own by dawn.

All the people frantically move through the house, but just get trapped in each new room while trying to avoid the man in the mask.

Welcome To My House.
House Rules: 1. God came to my house and I killed him. 2. I will kill anyone who comes into my house as I killed God. 3. Give me one dead body, and I might let rule two slide. You have until dawn.
The light came into the darkness, and the darkness did not understand it.

My form
NameBig Grinylan Moon
Age:  16
Person slit: Stephanie 
other: n/a

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So baby hang on
I'm coming after you, I'm diving overboard
Any moment we could lose it
I'm coming after you, I'm diving overboard
I'm diving overboard,
off the edge

Posted almost 5 years ago

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( May I be Susan? If she has a bf can I be him too?)

I love to role play I've been on here for 5 years. Please join some of my roleplays?

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