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Posted almost 5 years ago

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hello cats of all clans,
here is a place to gather for truce and welcome each other and talk about clan life. please do not: start a fight because it is against warrior code, no cursing.. when you are here role play is required or i will have to ban you from the gathering.

​thank you 
Mintstar of starclan


Posted almost 5 years ago

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Hello, I am Brownhide, a Warrior of Riverclan. My favorite food is trout. My mother is Rivertide. My favorite seson is Newleaf because, of all the juciy plump prey. I also am afraid of Thunderpath, I do not know how the Thunderclan cats stand it! Thank Starclan I am not part of Thunderclan or I would be afraid of my own territory! I mean look what happened to Cinderpaw!

                                                       See all cats later,

Kaelyn Held

Posted almost 5 years ago

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Hello, I am Poolshade of ThunderClan. I am a tortoiseshell-and-white cat with green eyes. My favorite warrior book is the forgotten warrior. the last hope is my second fav, but five innocent cats die in it....

I am not afraid of theTthunderpath, because it was all an accident staged by Tigerstar and Firestar killed him in the last hope and we moved to the lake, so it seems to be safer there.

My mother is Spottedflower a nursery queen and my father is ThunderClan's deputy at this time. I have two littermates and currently two kits of my own. My fav cat is Dovewing and the cat with the saddest death was Ferncloud.

                 - Poolshade, queen in ThunderClan

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