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(wow people lost interest quick.) 


briony was sitting in the trees above with her best friend rocky. she seceretly had a crush on him.....maybe it was the way his pale skin glowed in the moonlight. she was hard to get to know, so she also respected him for being so open. he made her blush, but it didn't show because of her light brown skin. she twirled her auburn hair, her blue eyes sparkling. this conversation these people were having was interesting.


rocky flipped his black hair out of his green eyes. he was a country boy at heart, but wasnt a stereotype hillbilly. he was also listening to the people talk. he didn't feel the same about briony that she felt about him. mostly because he didn't know. he noticed briony shiver so he put his arm around her. a twig from the tree they where in snapped, making a loud noise. "uh oh." briony and rocky said simultaneously.

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