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Roleplayers' City (OPEN)

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 5 years ago

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"vahid43" wrote:

(Okay, well, if it's officially sanctioned, in theory, if I had plot there could be dragons,..and buldings going boom, and...explosions...and more explosions.)
(Eh. It could be worse.)

"FoxInAGasMask" wrote:

(I don't know what to post. :c)
(Maybe, interact with someone, da?
Not a good suggestion, but it works.)

Posted almost 5 years ago

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(I was being conservative..
Well, um, Im gonna make a ton of Explosions..)

Leer walked down a single lane street, towards the restaurant he frequented.
He had received a note that morning, as follows.
Dear Leer Suji
     I have information about your mother, she frequently visits this plane of existance, and I can take you to her.
Convene with me at your regular eating spot.
                                                    -A friend

He took the note with him, clutching it in his hand as he pushed open the doors to Knight Cafe'.
He was early, it seemed, as the place was devoid of life.
He took a seat in the corner and studied the letter in more depth.

How can I make you happy?

Posted almost 5 years ago

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that sounds fun)

Russia walks down the road, pushing through the crowd of people who were in his way. "I'll get nowhere with this amount of people walking around!" He thought, finally making his way to an open area, but it was still crowded, nonetheless.

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