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Fullmetal Alchemist (open rp.)

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 5 years ago

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This rp is based off the show. if you dont know about it, look it up because im not going to explain it. smile okayz? okayz.


Edward Elric: Taken by Me.
Alphonse elric (in his armor.) : not taken
Winry Rockbell: not taken
(now for the homunculi!)
Lust: not taken
Gluttony: not taken
Envy: not taken
Wrath: not taken

(if you are a humunculus, you dont have to be ONLY them. you can ask to be a main character, or make a character with the form below)

Age: (14-19)
Looks: (pic or VERY good description)
Alchemist or no?:

please join my rp. smile

if our love is Insanity, why are you my Clarity?

I am a death weapon!!

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