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Name Babs Seed 
​age 10
​gender mare
​speices earth pony
​personality bad behavior and brings misfortune to other ponies
looks orange body light and dark pink mane and tail 
cutie Mark none
bio was bullied in manehatten so went to sweet Apple acres to get away from it all


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Name: Dark Mist
Age: 17
Gender: Colt
Species: Pegasus
Personality: Quiet, but can be very loud and sarcastic when you meet him. 
Looks: Grey fur/hair, and a white, long, floppy mane.
Cutiemark: Skull
Dark, depressing, his family is all like that.
Biography: Dark Mist is a boy with a very screwed up family. His mum is a #### addict, his dad in prison. He tried killing himself at one point. He was bullied for most of his life up until now, when he moved to PonyVille.

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name: name
age: 17
gender: mare
species: unicorn 
personality: fun and outgoing but sometimes lonely
looks: red yellow and orange spiky flame mane,red skin
cutie mark: a flame, got it when controlled fire from burning down a house
biography: she was born in the crystal empire but got made fun of for mane,thats when she moved out to canterlot,she didn't have any friends and mostly spends time by a river laying down.she had friends when she was little,they all got to gether and called them selves the elements of nature.the name really didn't get out but she was still happy.


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(( are you still accepting? ))

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It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously, that you might as well not have lived at all- In which case you fail by default.

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(( are you still accepting? ))

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