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Dead or Alive? (be any creature)

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Posted over 3 years ago
((any creature youd like))
*Touko is a werewolf/demon/half weapon/former angel/computer/has the ability to send flaming shockwaves and energy balls/can change into diffrent forms. A place called Ki:mera is home to the Council, a secret organization that wants to kill her. She decides to kill them in stead. Touko changes to her destruction form: her hair turns red/right eye turns black with a white pentagram and her left eye shimmers red, gold, purple, and silver with a black pentagram/ her wings appear, they're jet black and the rim of them is on fire with electricity sparking from the flames/ her clothing is a red dress, black leather jacket, black boots and a small chain connected to a pistol/ her right arm, from the elbow down, transforms into a missile firing gun, unlimited amo/ she has an evil grin on her face as she opens a portal in the dark sky.*
I'll destroy Ki:mera... Council and all...
*she glows slightly and forms the most powerful energy ball possible, it will destroy Ki:mera and it might destroy her as well. She releases it...*
*the portal reopens and throws Touko through it, the portal is 500,000ft in the air and Touko is falling. the darkness shaders into blue rose petals and the portal does the same, her wings shadder into black and red rose petals and her arm-gun shadders into silver rose petals. When she hits the ground debri flies everywhere, when the debri clears away Touko is laying in a 538ft deep hole motionless. Dead or Alive? You jump into the hole and pick her up she opens her eyes, they are grey. She is dying. She looks at you and murmurs one word as it races through your mind you repeat the word in mind: Help...*

~Touko S. the Hybrid

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