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Ever After High RP

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The halls soon emptied as the last late bell rung. August was in biology looking over intestines of a frog. He didn't understand why they had to cut open the innocent in order to learn about the human body. It was unnecessary. Just like his mother's obsession. Cruel and unnecessary. 

Xavier walked down the hall with his black bruised backpack slung over his shoulder. For once, he stepped into a classroom. English. He hated the class but If he missed one more class he would have to clean the royals dormitory. And he would not let himself be a victim of the snooty royals mess. He slumped down in the seat farthest back, and his teacher was amused to see him in class. " Nice of you to join us, Mr. Hook." Xavier gritted his teeth and took out a notebook. 

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Ever After High RP

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i dont know if this is still open but here just in case:

Name: Raphael Stiltskin
Nick Name: Raphael, Still
Age: 16
Daughter/Son of: Daughter of Rumplestiltskin
Weapons: pretty good with needles, and whip
Powers: can turn thread into gold
Royal or Rebel: Rebel
Personality: can get offended easily. she likes to help, with a price of course. she has a habit of calling everyone dearie, even the teachers and headmaster
Bio: i dont know what to put here... so um... thank you



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Ever After High RP

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*Walk in the class room and go to the front of the room and said* hi I am rose bell I am a rebel

Ever After High RP

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December, 2014
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Can I join?

Name: Delia Finney
Nick NameBig Grineel/Lia
Age: 17
Daughter/Son of: Ariel
Weapons: Two Daggers
Powers:Talks to sea animals, changes into a mermaid/siren
Royal or Rebel: Rebel
Personality:Flirty, Sarcastic, likes to scare people, hopeless romantic. 
Looks:Violet eyes, red hair w/ hot pink and black highlights, dark grey & navy blue eye shadow, pinkish-red lipstick. 
Bio: Welcome to me! I'm Delia, pronounced Deel-ee-uh. Can be confusing. I can sing to take people under my control, but I don't. I have the traits of a siren, which makes me a rebel. If I had the traits of a mermaid, I would be a royal. My first friend is Cerise and my crush is Hopper Croakington II

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