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December, 2015

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(hope this is still open, but can i join here's my form!)

Form: Human
Name: Haddette
Nick Name: Haddie
Age: 14
Daughter/Son of: Hades (Disney's Hercules)
Weapons: Dark staff wrapped in barf green vines, when tapped on ground sprits rise from the dead
Powers: Can tell when someone is sad and can control darkness to turn invisible and such
Royal or Rebel: Rebel
Personality: Cold, shy, loyal to friends, tough, curious and laid back

Looks: Skinny, but muscular and very pale. Long blue wavy hair and black eyes. Usually wears black crop tops and ripped jeans.

Bio: Haddie grew up in her father's castle and ignored everyone. She stayed cooped up in her room all the time and never showed her face, until supper when her father chained her to the table. That was until one day a young spirit named Reese showed her what truly mattered, they spent everyday together wandering her Father's kingdom until Reese decided to try for a second life, so he was transported back to the mortal world, and that's why Haddie doesn't typically like boys...

Kawaii Potato
I'm a kawaii potato ^-^

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December, 2015

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Name:Briar Beauty
Nick Name:Briar
Daughter/Son of:Aurora and Prince Phillip 
Powers:True Love,Moves thing with mind
Royal or Rebel:Royal
Personality:Not afraid to speak her mind

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