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SFW ( Space Freedom War )

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Colt pulled on the yolk and let the Heli roll back. "Heading back." Ben kept a strong look off the right side trying to keep track with everything going on. He tried to focus on a spot ahead of him before he saw a smoke trail. "RPG! Bank left!" Colt ripped the Yolk left but it wasn't enough. The rocket had caught the tail causing damage on the AT rotor. "We're hit!" A loud beeping sound came over the cockpit. "Viper 1-1 has taken damage and is dropping." Smoke was now shooting out from the back. All three men were being thrown around inside and would diffidently have some kind of damage should they survive. Even if, they were right over the fight, it'd be seen from both sides....

I'm in your brain right now. I control what you think about! Like Kiwi! I bet you started thinking about Kiwi right there. And there you go again. I'm just too good at this. ;3
Maybe one day you too can learn how to control someones thoughts just like me. -Apex

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