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The war between the birds and the beast

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 4 years ago

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- she faints -

adventure time, come on grab your friends, were going to very, distant lands! jake the dog, and finn the human the friendship will never end it''s adventure time!!! Grin

Posted about 4 years ago

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-a ear runs down Dill's face then she starts having a flashback about her dead mother- NO MOMMY - she says in the flashback then a gun shot and her mother's body laying there - Die for something important like i did - she says then Dill wakes up-

My face when I found out I have homework:


When I tried spinach: lol MJ


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And that was when Breeze begin to crash straight to the ground for no apparent reason. And then a dark yet bright light begin to glow from out of her eyes and in front of her, a demonic looking creature appeared before her.

"W...who are you..?" Breeze mutters weakly.

"A demon of course! I caused you to make all this destruction!" the demon shows the disaster that has been occurring, forest fires, owl attacks, fighting, and much more terrible destruction... "I caused you all this hatred! All this sorrow and pain! And now... I finally have control over the forest. LET THIS FOREST BURN!!!"

"W-wait... where did you... come from first of all?" Breeze asks, struggling to get up.

"Ah, you don't remember? Your wings were a gift from the Gods... but I.. have sneaked onto those wings... and into your soul........" The demon laughs viciously and glares, yet smiles at the destruction.

Breeze couldn't believe it! It was all her fault... all... her... fault.... and now... the forest will now be destroyed! Breeze tried to carefully sneak away, she knew that the demon wouldn't let her go... would he? She crawled silently, but the demon turned around, and wacked her with a fire whip.

"Why are you... doing this!?"

"Oh, well duh, because I want to rule the world! By the way, don't bother attacking me, my body is made of fire... and HATRED."

Breeze lie there helplessly, she was burned for a bit, and she tried to call for help from Connie or Flare... but that was too late. She passed out from the pain.

Remember to smile

Posted about 4 years ago

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Flare swooped down to the ground to find Connie instead of helping the owl being chased by some humans, and owls! "I thought those weaklings ran away!" Flare shouted, in shock. Connie screamed as she ran and sent a seriously, foul scent. All humans covering their noses and with their paws waving in front. "Gross!" shouted a human, with a gun. An owl nearby woke up from the stench to shout, "You Fox-dung, mouse-brain!"
"I'm sorry! I can't handle it! Too scary!" whined Connie, bawling.
The great red falcon then face-winged herself, shaking her head, "Well, Connie's warrior spirit is done for now."

Pichu (Sis) was training with me and she started singing.

Pichu: You'll never beat me! You'll never beat me! You'll never! Cause Ima MOUSE! And Ima fighting away. Ima fighting away. Cause Ima mouse! You'll never beat me! You'll never beat me! Ima fighting away. You. Cannot. Beat. A MOUSE!
She never stopped.
Me: O_o'

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