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Wonderland + Neverland = Awsomeland

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 4 years ago

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"Today has been too much..." agrees Grace. Then she remembers the key from the chest! She left it at the rock near the Mermaid and Merman Dance!

"Oh dear, I forgot something on this rock...." Faith wanted to go back into Grace's bag and hops onto it, then fell asleep quickly. Grace hurried to the rock and was relief when she found the key. This has to be from wonderland.. somewhere.. but.. where!? she thought. Hmm, maybe my new friends could help me...

Remember to smile

Posted almost 4 years ago

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-Sarah was back to being a mermaid she swam around the water-

My face when I found out I have homework:


When I tried spinach: lol MJ


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