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Mila quickly put on the helmet. The tv was now it's highest volume. "The new video game sword battle online is a hit. All players have to do is put on a helmet and there send into the game. The opening celebration will start in a hour so players should start going into the game." Mila smiled. She slowly pushed the on button. Fast shades of color and light flashed around her. Mile opened her eyes. She was in the town of beginnings it was a large town. Tons of people moved around. Mila tapped the person in front of her. "Umm worry to bother you but do you know where Mr. Bridge is? I heard he was hosting the opening celebration." The girl turned around. She was short and small. The name tag above her head said Ariz. "I don't know I heard he was sort to be here an hour ago." The sky turned red and out of no where giant words appeared in the sky. "That's it," said Ariz "I'm getting out of here! This is to weird." She reached into her bag. "I can't find the promote." Mile looked at Ariz. "That impossible the promote let's players exit and re enter the game. It has to be there." Ariz shock her head. "Look at the words in the sky!" Someone shouted in fear. Mila read the words out loud. "I have removed all of the promotes from your bags. The only way to leave is to beat the game. Remember if you die in the game you will die in real life. From the creator of this game Mr. Bridge." 
Ariz was now crying on the ground. "There's no way that could be true."  Mila frowned. "The helmet we put on to enter the game has heated wires. He telling the truth. The wires could fry our brains. We could really die in here."

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