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Posted over 1 year ago
(May I?) 

Name: Alicia 
Age: 17 (almost 18 )
Gender: Female 
Personality: Quiet and mysterious 
Looks: wears a beanie but she has long brown hair. Wears a blue crop top and ripped skinny jeans with purple hi tops (tail is blue and bra is a shad of purple)
Faction: doesn't currently have one. Lives on the outskirts of the Canine one 
Species: Mermiad Shark (She looks like a mermaid in water but when she's mad she can rip off your head Wink
Weapon(s) : Bow and arrow and body. (Hand to hand combat)
Power(s) : Plants (controls, kills, revives, and can make plants) 
Skill(s) : Archery and swimming (duh) 
Weaknesses: Tends to assume things and is protective of her self. Also is afraid of dying alone so she is desperate for any boy that is interested or seems to be Frown 
Bio: (Optional)
Code: just keep swimming 

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