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When Seabay Academy erupted in flames, all that was left was a pile of ash and glowing embers. The only option was to join a local and rather mysterious school, Vienna Academy.

We will start on the first day back from the summer holiday. The humans from Seabay are new here and have only just started.
In Vienna Academy, they usually only except supernatural or hybrids. 
This is all about the relationships between the humans and supernaturals- whether it is a good or bad relationship is up to you!

Max characters- 2 (may have exceptions later)

Limited Space

Posted over 3 years ago

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( may I join) 

name - Tai 
Age- 16
personality-  mysterious , easily annoyed , funny , lonely , depressed
Species - hybrid demon
looks : Tai my oc
other : loves to draw 
bio - Tai is an artistic teenager who loves to draw , he came from a bad past though his father abused him as a little boy and he is usually depressed since of everything he has been through, he doesn't have many friend sand hates school in general. 

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