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Celebs cartoon
Posted 2 months ago

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(Oh okay sorry I was in a rush and read really fast)

Wowzers... ummmh I didnt see you there...
Do you stalk me often..
Or is this just a one time thing...

Posted about 2 months ago

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"SnowflakeAngelKitten" wrote:

(Of course you may!)

"Draw what?" I ask, not sure if I followed the conversation correctly.


​I mentally facepalm at Link's lack of following along. "You'll see...!" I exclaim as my eyes turn pink. The ground below us turns to a whiteboard, not exactly what I was thinking. Two seconds later, it becomes paper, and Kate's notepad becomes a pencil. The use of my powers gives me a major headache and my eyesight blurs together. "M-Mitchell, could you draw the... Uhh... Unexpected reality of when two magical beings have... Magical children... And they come with different powers?" I ask, my voice weak. Part of it was because we haven't seen Mom since her expedition across the world, forgetting about her "family".

​"How did you do that?" Jules and Kate asked in unison, Julia obviously waiting for the logic behind all of this.

Mermaids were here and most likely on my phone


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