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Dark Days

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October, 2009
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Alright so it's Harry Potter with Harry Potter, The Weaseleys, etc. Only the Professors are the same characters due to the fact that people may choose important roles and then not even stick to it. Anyways it's Hogwarts, but when Snape is Headmaster and Voldemort pretty much is terrorizing the World. And you can fill out the form for an actual Hogwarts teacher, but if you want to rp a student you have to make it up. Form: Name: Age: Year [3rd -7th please] Wand (optional): Pet (optional): House: Special Abilities (Veela, Metamorgus, Werewolf, nothing like a forbidden forest creature though): __ Name: Zhiana Age: 14 Year [3rd -7th please] Fourth Year Wand (optional): 10", unicorn Hair, slender and oak Pet (optional): White petite kitten House: Ravenclaw Special Abilities (Veela, Metamorgus, Werewolf, nothing like a forbidden forest creature though): Metamorgus

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Dark Days

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February, 2008
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I decided to dig this up, cause I'm bored and there's no good rp's going right now. Name: Anley Age: 17 Year :7th Wand (optional): Willow and Dragon Heartstring Pet: A black cat named Shadow House: Slytherin Special Abilities: Parselmouth

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Dark Days

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Name: Alianna (Ali) Age: 17 Wand: Willow and pheonix tail feather Pet: none House: gryffindor

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