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The 100 Levels (Rp)

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Kids ages 9-15 are requested to try a demo of a really awesome video game that makes the game sort of like reality -at least to the kids that is. But as every kid that came for the testing tries to machine on, he/she gets sucked into the video game, and are trapped inside. Paiin is real, and they must complete all levels of the game -aka the 100 levels- before every runs out of lives or it's game over for everyone, and all the players will be d3@d. So it's up to the players to win each level, beaat each boss, and complete every stage before it's to late. Form: Name: Age: Eyes: Hair: Game Suit[Colors for suit can b: Pink, Blue, Black, Gray, and Purple] : Game nopaew: Rules: No being perfect you can make extra characters up to five No being physically fit for the video game, they have to make mistakes Please don't be lovey dovey, because it really puts the spotlight on just your characters ruining the games for the others. Edited by: GeekyZ on April 26 at 04:42 PM

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