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The Hunger Games (Open).

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This is a roleplay for the Hunger Games. Only twenty four characters can be created, twelve of each gender. To join, you need to.; -ask to join -make two characters, one male and one female -be prepared to die -be nice -romance is allowed, but nothing that wouldn't happen during the games -don't godmod I will be killing off characters, and this is a reason why you have two. One of my characters will be dying off the bat, so don't worry that I'm playing "favorites" or whatever. Characters.: District 1 -girl -boy TAKEN District 2 -girl -boy District 3 -girl -boy District 4 -girl -boy District 5 -girl -boy District 6 -girl -boy District 7 -girl -boy District 8 -girl -boy District 9 -girl -boy District 10 -girl TAKEN -boy District 11 -girl -boy District 12 -girl -boy Form.; Name: Age: (12-17) Gender: District: Looks: (human, please - make them look the age you specify as well ^-^) Personality: Skills: Basic Biography: Other: Remember, please ask to join. And specify the genders from each district you want. ^-^ Thanks for reading, even if you don't plan on making a character. :3

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Maia Copper 15 Female. District 1 ~ Long, curled jet black hair, tinged with raven. Her curled hair is usually in a tight fishtail braid along her slender figure; Mysterious emerald green eyes, which, change color from time to time. Her usual outfit is a silver tanktop, along with a black vest. Dark black washed rip jeans, rips along the knee. She usually wears knee high electric blue high tops. ~  Maia is not a snob, like most people in district 1; She is a kind of girl who keeps to herself. She has a lot of secrets, and never had any friends. She is kind, once you know her, but has major trust issues. Her mother was k!lled by a pace keeper, and her father hated her. When she was chosen for the games, her father was overjoyed. ~  Maia is skilled with a bow and arrows. She knows martial arts, but failed to complete her intense training. Her life was hard, but she managed to survive by herself. The only thing she fails at, is using equipment, not like a bow and arrow (specifically, a spear, a knofe, ect..) ~  Maia never had a happy life, and was hated throughout her younger years. Her mother loved her, but when she died, her father tried to k!ll her. Her father was overjoyed when she was chosen for the Hunger Games, and didn't care if she survived. Maia had always tried to be happy, yet never succeeded. ~ I love RolePlays! X 3 ~ ~ Frank Dokkem 13 Male District 2 ~  Long, ragged raven hair, parted over his right eye. His hair is usually hanging over her right eye, covering a long running scar he had gotten, hunting. Deep, chocolate brown eyes with tints of black in the outer iris; He usually wears a black jacket, ontop of a light bleach white tshirt. Deep, dark blue ripped jeans, mostly ripped near the knee or the middle of his lower leg. He finishes the outfit with grey sneakers. ~  Frank was misunderstood, he never had a real family. He is a slight emo, but is kind at times. He trusts to easily, and mostly gets hurt the most; He is a carefree guy, and isn't very cheeky. He can be serious when needed, but mostly a jokester involved in many pranks in his small district. His family hated him for his actions, yet, he pranks to get his mind off it most of the time. ~  Frank is skilled with knoves, and spears. Since he lives in district 2, he was born to use weapons. He can use a verity of weapons. But chooses knoves out of the most of them. Knoves were the easiest to use out of the weapons. ~  Franks family never really cared for him, only for his actions. His family was on the higher ground of the district, and didn't want him to them to ultimate shame. He started pranking, to clear his head of the family hate. His pranking, evolved to to ultimate humiliation. His family was disappointed in him, and made him enter his name more then he had to. ~ Nope.



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Form.; Name:  Ryana Star (Clove's twin) Age: (12-1Cool 16 Gender: Female District: 2 Looks: (human, please - make them look the age you specify as well ^-^) Just like Clove. Long black hair, 5'4". What else is there to describe, just pull up a picture isabell furhman. Personality: Sweet, yet still a killing machine. In all her life she's hated the capitol, but getting special treatment, ment loving it. Life in 2 isn't that hard when your Ryana. HAving a boyfriend and all, means being sweeter by the minute. And when your best friend has a crush on you you probally think i'd be an idoit, but i'm not. I'm a very smart and loving girl. Exept when my sister died. All i want now is REVENGE. Skills: Knife throwing, tree climbing, and archey Basic Biography: Ever since I was twelve, Oscar and Clove were my main bestfriends. until i turned 14 and got my first boyfriend, James Canon. I've never been doubt full until now. It stared out when my sister died. My life changed forever. No one could fix me, not even James. And when my little sister got reaped, i knew i had to voluteer. But no i wish i had't. When Clove died, so did I. At least part of me did. Losing my twin and her best friend ment nothing left of Clove. So when i came to the captiol with my best friend, I decided to search for anwsers and romance. After all James might dump me if i die. And i want to know more of my sisters death. Other: WANTS HER REVENGE.   Can somebody make Oscar? Please.

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