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Wide Variety. -Open-

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Only 4 spots left! Info: Alright kiddies! The grand opening of Krystal's School for the Athletically Talented is here and there are many spots open. Also known as Krystal's Anthro Academy, all species, although animal based are favored, are aloud. All sports ranging from Football to Polo are aloud. Other: You don't have to have your character play his/her sport all day everyday. There are also many teams so you can be a captain if you'd like, but we need regular players too.  Other: I am very busy, especially since school has started so I will not be able to RP as much as I'd like. Include EVERYONE. Don't but into conversations between characters. Have fun/do whatever you'd like: Get a job, sign up to live on the school grounds, etc etc.  Rules: No godmodding. Don't complain if no one's coming to you/ don't whine. That gets really annoying. Don't argue over silly things. Breaking any rules results in a kick from the RP. Form: Name: Gender: Age: Species: Looks: Sport: Other: My form: Name: Andrew Westerly Gender: Male Age: 17 Species: Florida Panther? (I believe that is his species. If not, someone correct me c: ) Looks:  Sport: Soccer Other: Likes chocolate - 3 -

Wide Variety. -Open-

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Name: Hazel Antoinette Aquene Martin Gender: Female Age: 22 Species: Shape-shifter Looks: Sport: Swimming

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