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Name: Cassidy Blu Age:16Looks: my profile pic Bio: Has a small brother he was only seven, they only had each other. Their mother died and their dad is usually at B A Rs drinking. So yeah.Looking for: her brother Perso: Fierce to others but nice to close people and people she like-likes. Kinda mean and sarcastic but on the inside she's a good person. She is determined to get through the Zombie apocalypse and find her brother.Weapon: Sword and a dagger Other: She liked a guy before th zombie apocalypse . Next thing you know when he was asking her out a zombie blasted through the window
[FormName: Daniel Valdez Age:16 Looks:Jet black hair that is swept to the side that covers half his deep violet eyes. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face, if its halfhearted or becouse he about to laugh. He wears skinny jeans and a plaid shirt. Pretty much Perso: Flirt, he is always seemed flirting with pretty mucho every girl. Although he has a place for just the perfect one. He is also very brave, becouse he feels as if he needs to live up to some type of rep. Probably his dad, but he dosnt remember. He will often gaze into your eyes and make you feel like as if he is looking into your soul. He also makes everyone around him confortble, never awkward. He is pretty much calm and gentle Weapon: a black dagger, used by only, clever and quick people.  Looking for: Love Bio(dosnt remember)

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no not really, because there can be more than one zombie rp and mine isnt exactly like her

I like PewdiePie

Hes hawt

see whatta mean?

Marzia is hawt too

perfect couple :P

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