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The Wicked Ones. (Ask to Join.)

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Bit of an early Halloween roleplay... What can I say? I'm excited! :3 Anyways, just ask to join. If I say no, please don't complain or ask why, just leave. D: ----------------------------------------------- Among all of the humans, there is a group of thirteen beings who call themselves The Wicked Ones. They are people who were once human but, once a year, they become possessed by a demon, which happens first when they are born. They see the whole world when they are born, and know their purpose in it. The Wicked Ones grow up and take the place of past family members at different times; usually around ages sixteen or seventeen. Anyway, so, they come together once a year, on Halloween night, to scare the humans away from their homes so no one learns who they are or where they came from. It's a painful process, really, especially when people have to die for The Wicked Ones to carry out their yearly mission. They are based in a mansion with fourteen rooms; thirteen bedrooms w/ bathrooms and then the living room, which takes up most of the mansion. It's in what is called The Dark Realm, where The Wicked Ones go the day before Halloween. Yea... Here are the roles. Most of them are going to be minor roles, and I will be playing them at certain times in the roleplay. I may comment some of you and ask you to play one of the minor Wicked Ones, and you can even ask me if you can, but don't get upset if I say no or tell you to play another character along with it[if I say yes]. So yea. Ikki [Ee-key] and Chihara - The first two Wicked Ones to exist. They formed the group and have been reincarnated into the bodies of sets of twins since they were born the first time. Ikki has white hair with black tips, and Chihara currently has black hair with white tips. They are like Yin and Yang, and control water/air[Ikki] and fire/earth[Chi]. They rule the Dark Realm[Ikki is a boy, Chihara is a girl]. Niko - He is the third Wicked One, but is treated as second-in-charge, since Ikki and Chihara were born at the same time. He has navy blue hair and is a year younger than the rulers of the Dark Realm. He is thought to control all elements, but mostly he uses shadows or twilight to fight his enemies. Sanjirou - He is the fourth Wicked One, but is treated as the third one in charge. He helps Niko with most of his tasks, which are assigned directly by the rulers of the group and the realm. He has a head of dark gray hair that is long and spiked. He is considered one of the "attractive ones" by most human girls; right before he kills them, anyways. It is said that he, along with Niko, controls shadows and twilight, but with him it's all people think about when they hear "san" or "sanjirou" when talking about The Wicked Ones. Yona - She is the fifth Wicked One, and although she isn't in charge of anything, she is treated as one of the superiors, moreso than her twin Goro. Well, actually they're treated as equals; even though she was born a little bit before him, the men are treated as superiors over the girls, so they are at the same level, even though he's technically the fifth Wicked One. Goro - He is the real fifth Wicked One, along with his sister Yona. They both control light and have white hair, making them seem pure and even angelic. That's what makes it more fun, Goro always says. Rokusana and Nanako - Roku is the sixth Wicked One, while Nana is the seventh. They are the "middle ones" and are treated worse than the lower-level Wicked Ones because of it. They don't seem to have much power, but when they are together they are murderous, sneaky, and uncontrollable. Roku is a dark-red-head while Nanako's hair is similar to Niko's. They control fire and water, like Ikki and Chihara do, but they can't control any other elements so they use weapons instead[I'm going to be playing Roku at times, as well as Nanako]. Hachi - She is the eighth Wicked One and is considered one of the "sweeter" ones of the group. She hates death when she's around the others, but by herself she has a severe case of bloodlust. This Wicked One suffers from multiple personality disorder and is good at controlling it; for the most part, anyways. She hasn't been replaced in centuries, because the first incarnations of the Wicked Ones said they couldn't live without her. She's considered a weapons specialist, and uses magic at times, which is very handy. She's called the "lifesaver" of the group because she knows where everyone is at all times and will swoop in and kill anyone who hurt her "family" in the past. Kyu and Jyu - They are the third set of twins of the group, and are the ninth and tenth Wicked Ones. Along with being the lowest ranked, they are also the most devious and the second most loved ones. It's impossible to tell them apart unless you see their birthmarks; Kyu has one of the left wing of a bat on her back, right at the edge, and it goes half-way down her arm. Jyu has a matching one of the right wing, which goes half-way down her right arm. They are pretty odd birthmarks, but the group guesses that they got those markings due to them being nocturnal, "friends of the dark"[as they always say], and emitting a bat-like screech any time they are in pain. The two look pretty normal for twins; they both have black hair and dark brown eyes that look black, with pale skin and matching birthmarks, but there's something else odd about them; they don't have any abilities, so they study alchemy instead. It's forbidden in the Dark Realm, so they only use it in the Human World[I may play them at times as well, but very rarely]. 11th Wicked One - Open - Male. 12th Wicked One - Open - Female. 13th Wicked One - Mine - Female. Human 1 - Open - Male. Human 2 - Open - Female. Human 3 - Open - Male. Human 4 - Mine - Female. Form[human]; Name: Age: Gender: Looks: Wearing: Costume: [only if they dress up] Other: Form[wicked]; Name: Age: [how old they look] Gender: Looks: [on Halloween; "wicked" appearance] Wearing: Costume: [they're "human" appearance; not on Halloween] Abilities: [none that the other Wicked Ones have] Other: Mine will be up...um...sometime. XD

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