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A Nightmare of a Life ~Open~

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 5 years ago

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You are a teen on Madley lane. Halloween is coming, Great. Another chance for a freaky prank on you from the people on shady lane. Except, the 'people' are never seen, they just leave a note saying "Haha! sincerely, Shady lane residents". The month has only just begun and it seems like it will last......FOREVER............................... RULES: 1} No serious swear words please 2} Aski to jon! 3} use these () and discuss before you make your character date somebody elses 3b} That includes () for saying anything else the character(s) are not thinking saying or doing. 5} Have fun! and NO sexual content or I will report you to the mods. Mild PDA between characters is allowed Creepy Form: Name: Gender: Age(12-15): Looks: Birthday(Must be in october): Bio(At least 3 sentances): Personality: Secret scary ID(optional)(Werewolf, Vampire): Other: Mine: Name:Launa Moon Gender: F Age: 14 Looks: Auburn golden cascading blonde hair. Sapphire Excentric blue eyes. Usually Wears White, Orange or Black T-Shirt that says Costume, Pick Me or Hello, My name is Awesome, Blue-Green Demin shorts that she likes to wear leggings under the shorts when its cold. Birthday:13th October, Friday Bio(At least 3 sentances): Has been picked on for her whole life but she really doesn't care so people normally get bored but start up again the next time they see her. She Likes to skate or Bicycle Everywhere. She used to have boyfriends until they all cheated on her and she just started ignoring boys. She only has one male friend, Steve. Personality: Weird but cool. Rebelious but nice. Cute but Hardcore Secret scary ID(optional)(Werewolf, Vampire): Is secretly a werewolf but doesnt know it yet. Other: Has a MASSIVE secret Name: Steven Hawke Gender: M Age(12-15): 15 Looks: Brown scruffy Hazel hair. Green neon eyes. Brown Puma t-shirt. Grey Demin trousers. Birthday(Must be in october): 18th October Bio(At least 3 sentances): Likes to skate with his friend, Launa. He has a pet dog called 'Werewolf'. Lots of girls like him and fall for him easily. He is kind of a flirt when he really likes a girl.  He is the oppisite of a womanizer, if he is with a girl, no other girl is more important. He likes to run and skate with his dog. He has a really big secret about......... Personality:   Secret Scary ID: Is a Werewolf.(thats the secret) Other:no.


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