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"sandfur121" wrote:

I'll make a few more. Name: Hawkfeather Age: 32 Moons Gender: F Role: Queen Description: Light brown fur with dark green eyes. Sleek. Perso: Nice, sweet, shy, very helpful Clan: River Name: Whitekit Age: 3 moons Gender: F Role: Kit Description: Will post Perso: Clumsy, quiet, shy. Clan: River, born to Hawkfeather, is Hawkfeathers only kit Name: Stormtail Age: 46 moons Gender: Male Role: Elder Description: Will Post Perso: Will post Clan: Thunder (SORRY, I HAVE TO GO. :3)
(nuuuuuuuu.... I just got on~ 3smile Accepted!

please take this awkward mias as a gesture of friendship

mias why

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(may i join?)

Onali(died human)
Jessica Darison(human)

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