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"Molly47426" wrote:

Name: Andrew"Andy." Macintire Age:12 Looks:My profile pic Outfit: Same as picture Bio: Andy grew up in a good house and a standard family.She was normal except for the fact that her mom and dad were physicist's.Her parents had a lab in the basement.One afternoon her parents had this experiment set up and it went haywire.Her parents ended up dying.She took her little brother Kyle and fled the house scared as a 6 year old should be.She is always protective of her brother. Personality: Will see Enemy or Good:Good SkillBig Frownooking and Hunting Other: Nada

You probably only talk to your friends, and hide in the shadows when drama shows up.

Unlike you, when Ms. Drama shows up, I join her

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Name: Kyle Macintire Age:8 Looks: Will find a pic Outfit: Brown flare Jeans and a orange sweatshirt Bio: Same as Andy Personality: He is very childish.He is kind of snarky compared to his big sister.He hates that his sister is older then him.He is a trouble maker and gets his sister into some big misunderstandings involving boys. Are you a enemy: No Skills: Climbing Other: He loves to paint pictures...Secretly

Hey People call me Erin and Ivy you rock.I love my buds and How to train your dragon rocks.

My two Epic Quote are:

"Your a foul loathful evil little cockroach" Hermione Granger talking to Malfoy

"Seaweed brain."Annabeth nick naming Percy.
Sim traits:
Family Orientated

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