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When you were little youre parents died and the government made another family take you. That family hated you very much. One day they went away for vacation to Asia and left you behind. Now you ranaway and live in a forest. In the forest you discover you have powers.


plz no god-modding
   no tlkin lke diz
    you can cuss but keep it moderate
     you can have romance
     you dont have to use quotations
     you dont have to make a boy and girl just one but like if we need more boys make a boy



HAVE FUN!!!!! (heres mine)

Luke Burne


emo dark mysterious great fighter and friend

has black shiny shaggy hair wears a black leather jacket white v neck tee with black stripes black skinny jeans and combat boots

(im not gonna do the bio)

he can turn into a black panther at night when he walks he can turn objects in to neon lights (it looks like japan at night) and can turn into a electric spirit and can make blackouts etc.

Posted over 5 years ago

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May i join?. Name : Alexandra (Alex) Age:16 Personality :she is outgoing....and kind...and she's friendly ...also unique...and is up for adventure...not like the other girls Looks: has reddish hair with brownish highlights and brown eyes ...usually wears a sweater..and a regular shirt and jeans...and converse so she's just casual she also wears a necklace that used to work her powers.... Bio: (not gonna do it... the plot says it) Powers: her powers are nature and technology... .she used to use her hands but master minded it and can do it with her mind! When her powers are on her necklace glows and her eyes turn white...

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