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Easy to Make Milky-candy

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February 2013

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Posted almost 4 years ago
 smile Hello, I want to share a non cook so easy to make milky candy
I learned this from mom. 

Here's what you need

powdered milk (120 grms)
condensed milk (100 grams)
sugar (optional)


slowly mix the powdered milk and the condensed milk, mix it completely, until it becomes sticky and clayish in form.

get some of it and form a ball-shape (just like playing with a clay), place it on a tray or plate  , then insert or poke a toothpick on the ball that you made.

If you want you can sprinkle some sugar on the balls you created.

place those milky-balls inside the refrigerator and wait until it settles hard or firm, wait an hour or two to become firm.

 Cool Enjoy it with your friends   Cool

some note:

Be sure to wash your hands properly since you will be using your hands to create a ball-shape

The toothpick will serve as a holder so that you can have something to hold-on to if you're eating it.

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