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I went to Google to look up cupcake recipes for my birthday party, and I found three AMAZING recipes for cupcakes. The first one is rainbow cupcakes, I see these on Youtube all the time, you just make regular cupcake batter, get some food coloring, and layer it on top of the sa-WEET cupcake! The next one I found is a cookie dough cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with cookie dough in the middle, I think I just drooled! The last one is Ice cream cone cupcakes, get an ice cream cone, fill the bottom and middle with candy, and put any flavor cupcake on top, then spread blue or pink icing with sprinkles to make it look like ice cream. Now I`m TOTALLY gonna make these cupcakes sometime, but which one should I make for my bday party? It`s in a month so I need the answers FAST! So, tell me below which one you like best, Cookie dough cupcake, rainbow cupcake, or ice cream cone cupcake? Please help!

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