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This is the section where you can play KW forum games like last post to win or its a never ending game.

it's a never ending story

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December, 2013
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This is how I want this to work :3 :
Make up a story, reasonably linking with the last person's response.

PLEASE do NOT say "the end" or "done." in any of ur posts, because, it is a never ending story.
Also, plz make sure that what you say is reasonable with what the last person said.

P.S If you see someone saying "the end" etc., just shoot me a comment or PM. Then write your part of the story.

Remember, no swearing, or any inappropriate stuff like that.

Have fun,

P.S.P.S I also hold the god-like power to end this story.

Okay, well, my part of the story:

There once was a man. Not a man like any other. This man, in particular, liked electronics.
He would build cars as well. He was a TRUE genius (and his name was Pokmon.)

let the world burn
from every bit of dirt, ash and metal,
i will find you.
i pledge my heart to you.

it's a never ending story

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March, 2013
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He used to build cars that never have been built before. And his name is pokmmon because his parents were OBSESSED with Pokemon but he had only one regret....

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