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So, just now, I was called into the office. I told my counseler a few weeks ago that this boy (Clayton) called me a "woman who only wants one thing from guys" .... we all know that word. Starts with a W. It was while I was hugging my boyfriend to say bye. We pecked once on the lips. THAT'S IT. So, yes, he called me that, I told my counseler. And she decided we should tell the Principal... *sarcasm* WOO WE ALL LOVE THAT IDEA!!!! .... but anyways yeah, he decides to call Clayton in in front of me. He cried and he seemed pretty sorry. The principal now suggests we become friends because I decided to tell Clayton some personal info about my past. I have NO IDEA if I should try to be friends with this kid! Should I....?

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no hes not a real friend if he calles you that and if he crys in front of the counseler.

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