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Dear Dish-It

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theboysthatlovegirlsrock Lock
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March, 2012
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Today, I swapped my locker with a girl named Moriah's locker and Kate who shares a locker with one of my old friends wanted to have my locker and share it with Moriah. Niamh the girl who shares the locker with her got into a big sstrop because Kate was moving and Kate was getting so annoyed that she stayed with Niamh but Kate hates how Niamh is decorating the locker and I don't know what to do because Kate is really upset that she can't move into my old locker Frown
What do I do?

Live Life
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November, 2012
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u should say kate not to be upset 

and say her to co-operate with niamah Big Grin what ever will happen will be good Big Grin

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