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Left out and in

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October, 2012
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             dear dish-it,

my bff ava and i are in the same classs i also have a other friend nikkie and i always hang out with ava in class we hang and have sleepovers so do me and nikkie sometimes but when we have ressess or gym together they leave me out and ava just follows nikkie and after in class she's hanging out with me like nothing happened i thought it was a joke until it became everyday with secrets, pushing me away and more plz help Worried

when life hands you lemons take a big bite

love, left out girl

when life hands you lemons take a big bite!

Left out and in

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Not A Normal Girl 17
Not A Normal Girl 17
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August, 2012
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i feel the same way at some points like when i talk to my friends we are all cool but then later its like i dont exist any more

Bianca aka: Not A Normal Girl 17

Left out and in

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December, 2012
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i had this problem last year.

it is hard to deal with and my friends are so careless that they don't listen.

just try and talk to them. 
if they don't listen then start hanging with someone else at breaks.
And think about it...
if they don't care enough to listen do they actually care about you?
they might not be the right friends.

People know my name not my story. They make a judgement of what i've done without knowing anything behind it.

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