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My friend

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April, 2012
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My friend is turning annoying. She's not particularly close or anything, but I see her around after school, and I can't avoid her.
She is pretty immature, and she just doesn't grasp a lot of what I say. I want to just get rid of her, but I want to do it politely. Help?

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My friend

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October, 2012
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HOLD UP!!! I want you to think this through. I was 12 when I made the biggest mistake of my life. My friend had the same relations with me as yours does with you. At the time we were hitting some rough spots and I wanted rid of her so I got rid of her. Now I think of how she just wanted a friend and she was immature, wouldn't grasp my explanations for anything, and I couldn't avoid her. You need to work with her. You need to try to understand her better. You need to know a friend when you see it. She may need help, and I know you can help. PLEASE don't make my mistake!!! You will regret it!

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