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Dear Dish-It

how ?

Posted By:
11keeley11_1760070 Lock
Member since:
April 2011

Posts: 777
Posted almost 4 years ago
How do i tell my hardcore christian best friend that i have cut myself? how do i tell her i have changed such an awful lot? that im not exacly the innocent little girl i was when we first met?

Posted By:
Scorpio baby™ Lock
Scorpio baby™
Member since:
October 2012

Posts: 10
Posted almost 4 years ago
if she is truly ur friend she wont judge you and accept that you have changed. So just tell and be calm and give her time to take it in

this is my opinion i could care less whether you like it or not it is mi given right to express my thoughts you dont like what i say who cares
fave episode on bad girls club

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