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one time i liked this guy devion and i could tell he liked me to so my friend would text him for me and she would tell me all these stories about how he like me and crap like that so one day we were walking out of lunch together and we both had fell cause the 8th graders share a lunch with the 6th graders and they pushed us so we both were laughing so then my other friend  tayiana came up and was like aw look at the love birds and she asked him do he like me and he said yeah so i just started cracking up and went to 4th hour a couple weeks later my  friend came to my house and she told me like devion dont really like you we told him to pretend he liked you so i kicked her out my house and i told my mom and she said i could stay home for two days so i went back to school wesnday and we got 2nd hour together so i told him sit by me at lunch. lunch come and i just start going off on him like why did you lie to me and he like said wait what are you talking about im talking about what happend between jamylia he was like yeah i did play along but i really do like yousmile '' but i for got to say we were bestfriends scine 3rd grade and we live next door to each other and we went out for 2 years after that but he moved so i broke up with him and now go out with areoen smile  

~ amya ~ thanks brooke 4 helping me with my sinature smile Big Grin

Posted about 5 years ago

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If he lies to you should give one more chance let him explain and if he denies it there is a problem you need to work out or end the relationship. 

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