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Critical friendship help

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March, 2013
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So, I have this one group of friends I hang out with a lot! But,lately, there has been so much drama. At school, we were making a birdhouse that is going to be displayed at a Home Depot, and they vote for the bird houses. We did actually make around 490 birdhouses to go to birds though. But enough of that. We had to come up with a theme, and pick partners. The teacher was asking us what we wanted to do. My "friend" picked Candy as a theme. When it came time to vote, the topic ocean one. Instead of congratulating the person who made the idea, she got up out of her chair, started yelling at me because I didn't pick candy. 

That caused some drama. A few months back, I asked her if she wanted to sit with me at lunch, and she did, she was biting her nails to the nub, where they were bleeding. I asked her to stop, because it looked like it hurt. And then, she got up, and threw her self onto the cafeteria floor. She was screaming and yelling.

Later, I somehow made her cry because I was making a weird sound after Gym because I had literally worked out so #### ## the machines (I go to a school where the government gave us a 100,000 dollar fitness center.) and I looked over, and she was laughing at me. I asked her to stop. She starts bawling her eyes out. I felt bad and I was crying so much.

When I was the one who was hurt the most inside, with the most tears and a super red face, this one girl ran over to her, yelled at me, making me cry even more. Then, I was crying a lot, when my best friend grabbed my hand, and helped me wash my face off.

Also, I had a sleepover with someone else the week after she had invited herself to sleepover at my house. She went berserk on me.

I asked my best friend which side she was on and she told me she didn't want to be in the middle of this. I almost cried, because when she says that type if thing she is on the other persons side. I did what was best, I went to the guidance counselor on this girl.

What is some more advice, I have done everything that I could to seal me and my best friends friendship. There is still more help to be done, but it did help when I invited her to take a three mile walk with me (she is my neighbor) 

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Critical friendship help

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fabiana Lock
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December, 2012
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It sounds like she may have some problems that maybe you don't understand!
Especailly if one minute, ewverything is cool and the next she just flps out!
If you really like her as a friend, don't give up on her!
As hard as it may be, just keep being her friend and do whatever you can to try to help her!

Critical friendship help

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September, 2011
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Be as polite and kind as you can. 
If she get's angry, keep calm, and comfort her. Don't worry, if you are kind and understanding she will realise you are a good friend. If she get's angry at you calmly ask her what's wrong. Calm her down and don't make a fuss. You are a good friend, so show her!  smile

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