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Dear Dish-It

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February, 2013
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Worried My life is a mess. I feel like hurting myself in all this stress. My mom makes me feel like every thing I do is wrong. My grandma goes on and on about everything. My uncle is supposed to sleep here in my bed when I sleep here. I go to the wackest school in the Earth. I'm a fat beast who doesn't take care of myself. My brother is irritating. My dad is staying here. I have no where the live but my grandma's apartment. There's no where to sleep for any body in the house. My teacher is annoying. My classmates are ghetto. My grades are in between A's and D's. I can't keep up with anything. My colestrole is high. And I'm living in hell. Can you guys and girls help me get rid of my stress?

Be Breezy

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xXMCJXx Lock
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July, 2011
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You've got to be kidding me..
That's not stress. That's just life, it sucks.
Don't go and 'hurt yourself' over it and be all emo.
Life changes, ups and downs. Blah, blah, blah. 
You think your fat? Exercise. No ones perfect.
Be happy with who you are, or do something to change so you can like yourself. 
Things change in life constantly, don't get so upset about it. 
Make the best out of the worst situations, because you can't change them. And it's dumb to let them bring you down.

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fabiana Lock
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December, 2012
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sorry to say but sometimes life can really suck! try to focus on the positive things!

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