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Are they really my friends?

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Posted about 5 years ago

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my friend is like rich.and his parents give him like a thousand dollars to go by stuff.I get lucky if i get any money just for myself.I know that if I tell him not everyone is a million air  and I a nobody.it's not just him.the rest of my friends are richie riches and get what they want.they even get to stay up all night on school nights.my mom says it's bad parenting.because in the real world,you don't get what you want.I'm not jealous,but I'm not sure if I should tell them I don't have a lifestyle like them,or just keep it a secret.they are all Asians and I'm the only black person of the group.including me there are six of us.they are only my friends because they are the only people who accepted me.but whenever they have a sleep over,and i want to go,they say something like"uh,my mom wouldn't want too many kids at the house" or,"my dad is really strict and wont let too many people in". which is weird because they each have like 4 or 5 brother and sisters.would one more person really hurt?

   I'm just confused.are they my friends,or people that I'm burdening because being nice to me was a mistake?I need help to figure this out.

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Um... id ask for a better response. They probably are still your friends, and because they have so many siblings they probably can't keep so many people at their house. I wouldn't worry about it, just the next time they say no ask for a better response.

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Posted about 5 years ago

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