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school, friends, and just problems.

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Posted over 4 years ago

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this is a rant. not a rant. idk. i just need to say something to somebody.

I started high school this week.
it's hell for me.

it's different to how i imagined it. i knew it would be tough, but i hate the system, i hate the people in my class, i hate some teachers. i feel like i'm dying inside. i want to leave, but i feel it would be harder, because then i'd have to remember all the new people, etc. idk what to do. i'm upset. i'm annoyed. i just don't know.
i know one person.
she's a cow.
i can't take it anymore. i have no one else, i'm a loner on the bus.
i don't like telling my mum these things, because she gets upset too. i hate that.
i just want to be happy. have friends. idk.

Posted over 4 years ago

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I got school problems too cuz im worried about my new year, year 5 and i dont know what to do to be my best . I dont know how to impress my teacher or anything .  Frown

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