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Best Friends...

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September, 2013
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I have a group of best friends but even they have their own single best friend that they always hang out with besides the group. I really want a single best friend to hang out with and talk to about anything but I have a bit of trouble on it. I don't know what to talk about. I've looked up things to talk about but in doesnt work with a variety of friends such as sports, school (It's okay but it gets boring), Weekend (So what'd you do this weekend? Oh nothing.) It kind of seems stalkerish and weird.
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Best Friends...

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November, 2013
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Hehe this sort of reminds me of myself c: 

I'm not very good at making new friends and i went to secondary school/high school this september and all my friends split including my best friend so shes got her own single best friend thing now.

So i had to try to find my own as well. When i first started, the few weeks were hard because nearly everyone in my tutor (class) knew each other already and most of them had their best friends by their side.
Then i noticed this girl i will call her L, she wasn't so happy even with her best friend there with her. So with all my confidence i said ''are you okay?'' and i tried to reply with : ''Hi my name's____'' We became friends =)!

and like you i couldn't think of anything AT ALL to talk to her about. I tried to tell her about things in my past and what i enjoy and somehow she managed to go along with my awkwardness .. and xD i don't find it strange if you asked me what did i do this weekend but it would be pretty boring in the end.. You'll know the right best friend soon smile A person who you can never pause with conversations with. I'm still trying to make my friendship with L into a close friendship and yes i have boring talks  with her, it happens xD If you go silent just laugh. I always do.

Sorry if this doesn't help or make sense xD I literally just typed this through my mind.


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